Where We Stand

Where We Stand

The commitment of the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network to the protection and improvement of Cayuga Lake is expressed through formal positions it has adopted, the recognition it has received and given, and the related environmental efforts it endorses.

Formal Positions

2020 – White Paper: Hydrilla on Cayuga Lake. Roxy Johnston, City of Ithaca, and Hilary Lambert, CLWN. In draft format, to be published online during 2021.

2017 – should we include the updated RPP? Dunno.

2017 – CLWN Board Position Statement in Support of Full Environmental Review of Cargill Salt Mine Modifications and Expansion, p. 1: https://www.cayugalake.org/wp-content/uploads/clw_i4_2017_web.pdf

2015 – CLWN Board Comments Requesting Public Hearing for the Cayuga Power Plant, p.4-5: [link broken] https://www.cayugalake.org/wp-content/uploads/clwn_nn_i1_2015.pdf

2013 – CLWN Board Comments Submitted Regarding Repowering Future of Cayuga AES Power Plant, p. 8-10: https://www.cayugalake.org/wp-content/uploads/clw_fall_2013_web_1.pdf

2012 – CLWN Board Approves Position Statement, Submits Letter on Hydraulic Fracturing Impacts to the Cayuga Lake Watershed, pp.3-5: https://www.cayugalake.org/wp-content/uploads/clwn_nn_2_2012.pdf

2012 – CLWN Board Comments on the Revised Draft SGEIS on Well Permit Issuance for Horizontal Drilling and High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing, and the High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Proposed Regulations. Submitted to NYS DEC: https://www.cayugalake.org/wp-content/uploads/clw_issue_1_2012.pdf


Awards Received by CLWN

2020 NYSFOLA Lake Steward Award to Hilary Lambert, p. 2: https://www.cayugalake.org/wp-content/uploads/clwn_nn_i3_2020.pdf

2018 or 9 Third place to “Network News,” CLWN’s quarterly newsletter – NYSFOLA. I need to find the link for this one!!

Awards Given by CLWN

The CLWN 2020 James C. White Memorial Award to Nathan Launer p. 6-7: https://www.cayugalake.org/wp-content/uploads/clwn_nn_i4_2020.pdf

The 2019 Dave Morehouse Award to Bill Ebert p. 7: https://www.cayugalake.org/wp-content/uploads/clwn_nn_i4_2019.pdf

Environmental Causes Endorsed by CLWN