Lakeside Living in a Changing Climate

Lakeside Living in a Changing Climate

The realization that climate change affects nearly all aspects of both the health of Cayu­ga Lake and the quality of lakeside living has been the impetus for this handbook. Its intent is to bring together the informational resources that a lakeshore homeowner might need not only for day-to-day living but also for home and landscap­ing improvements that preserve the lake while also responding to climate change.

Users of this handbook are invited to note how easy it is to get started to be both climate-minded and lake-friendly. The handbook is organized into three main opportunities for action by lakeshore residents, and each main action can be initiated with a simple step as follows:

  1. Reduce carbon emissions at home – a simple starting step is to obtain a free home energy audit for your residence
  2. Mitigate climate change effects at home – a simple starting step is to join the Lake Friend­ly Living program and perform a self-assess­ment of your to-date lake-friendly living habits
  3. Take lake-friendly actions as an engaged resident in the watershed – a simple starting step is to join the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network and become an active volunteer or member of local and regional environmental organizations

More details and a rich plenitude of hyperlinks to informational resources are within the handbook that one can download here.

Download the Lakeside Living in a Changing Climate handbook to get started.