Our Priorities

Priorities of the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network


The Cayuga Lake Watershed Network identifies key threats to Cayuga Lake and its watershed, and advocates for solutions that support a healthy environment and vibrant, sustainable communities.


 “It takes a Network to protect a watershed.”


The Network offers two free community conferences for the public annually on water issues of concern at the north and south ends of the lake; publishes four newsletters each year; maintains this website; reaches over 600 via our listserv; cooperates with other groups in shared events for the public, and educates/advocates for the protection of Cayuga Lake, its creeks, land and communities.


Articulate well-researched and well-reasoned positions on issues of concern to the Watershed and be a visible presence in the community in presenting those positions and advocating for solutions.

  • Create, sponsor and participate in public education and outreach activities
  • Develop and distribute materials to the media, schools and other venues
  • Collaborate with communities, other regional watershed and lake groups, and institutions to solve local and regional problems facing the watershed.

Support new and ongoing successful collaborative projects with short and long-term impacts on maintaining and improving the lake, its tributary creeks, and the watershed.

Grow the broadest possible base of support through membership, fundraising, and fostering relationships with community groups, individuals and businesses.

For complete text of the Network strategic plan adopted in 2015, click here.