The Watershed Photo Gallery

Watershed Photo Gallery 

About the Artist: Bill Hecht 

Bill Hecht is a lifelong Union Springs resident who takes the well-known beautiful aerial photos of Cayuga Lake and surrounding areas. We are featuring a few of our favorites here, and one of his. About it, he says, “My favorite photo is the mud plume coming out of Taughannock Falls Creek because it FINALLY got through to at least some people the vast amount of sediment entering the lake.”   In addition to his generosity in sharing his aerial photography talent with us all, Bill is a long-time environmental watchdog for Cayuga Lake, and as a geologist is a well-informed leader in the efforts to protect our water resources from gas drilling and fracking impacts. Bill also collects, scans and shares old time maps, photos and other images and articles of note and interest about our area.  He invites you to share your old photos with him, so that they can be scanned, archived and shared. He also would like to see people send in their locations for streams, points and waterfalls and give the past and present names they use and know for these sites.  For example, McDonalds Point in Union Springs has had FIVE names: Yawger’s Point, Pratt’s Point, Howland Point, Seymour Point, and McDonald’s Point. You can contact him via our contact form, at wshecht01 @, and via Facebook. 

Wells College “Wells Watershed Photo Contest” Winners

Wells College students were asked to submit their water themed photos to the Watershed Photo Contest in one of four categories: Wildlife, Seasonal, Architecture, and Sunset.Thank you to all who participated, and congratulations to this year’s winners! You can see the winning photographs in the gallery below.

First Place-Stephen Armstrong
Second Place-Katie Curtin
Third Place- Costa Frangeskides

First Place-Katie Curtin
Second Place-Timothy Frazier
Third Place-Jillian Fields

First Place-Leilani Yasutake
Second Place-Joslyn Ceroalo
Third Place-Amanda Gillete

First Place-Chelsea Carlin
Second Place- Alaina Kelahan
Third Place- Annalise Vanvranken


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