Lakeshore Living

Lakeshore Living

Living on the lakeshore brings exceptional benefits and carries special responsibilities. Proper lawn, garden, and soil management, maintenance of septic systems and water management are among the concerns that shoreline landowners need to master. Fortunately, resources like those below can give you a good start.


Lawn on Cayuga Lake

Lakeshore Living Resources

“Lake Friendly Living” Lake George Association
Comprehensive guide for shoreline property owners.

“Shoreline Living Booklet” Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership
Simple steps property owners can take to keep their lakes clean and healthy for generations to come.

 “Protecting Your Waterfront Investment: 10 Simple Shoreland Stewardship Practices” University of . Wisconsin Extension 
Broad approaches with multiple links to additional information.

“Lawn and Garden”  Huron River Watershed Council 
General approaches to waste and property management.

“Lake Shoreland Protection Resources”  US EPA, Clearinghouse for Information on Lakeshore Protection and Restoration,
Many links to popular and technical resources.