Beginning in early January 2019, our website has undergone a comprehensive overhaul. As of February 25, what you see is powered by a modern platform from Word Press, using Divi themes and page-builders. Our Ithaca-based web services provider AWP (Ancient Wisdom Productions Inc.) did the behind-the-scenes work, trained three of us in the basics, and helped us update and transfer content to the new site.

While not radically changed, the site is refreshed with new photos, updated content, and – we hope – a livelier, sharper approach to communicating the urgency of our work and the need for your active support  in protecting Cayuga Lake and its watershed. The website is easier for us to update and we have new tools for creating innovative presentations, graphics and content.

Thanks go to our Board member Mike Duttweiler for plunging enthusiastically into this big task, prioritizing tasks for staffers Jenn Tufano Grillo and Hilary Lambert, and sharing many of his beautiful photos of Cayuga Lake. Thanks also to AWP staff Bryan Bates for skillfully and gently guiding us in the right direction, and to our Treasurer John Abel for working out exactly what we needed in cooperation with AWP Founder Christopher DelCollo.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – a big thank you to the Triad Foundation, Inc. of Ithaca for responding quickly to our need for funding to support these much-needed improvements.