Hydrilla Hero: Dave Heck

About five years back, Dave Heck and wife Joyce of Lansing saw that we were not reaching enough lake boaters with information about how to prevent the spread of hydrilla. They explored the roads down to the lake – around its 92 mile circumference– and set up info dispensers at parks, restaurants, boat launches, and marinas.

This year, Dave made calls and paid visits, and members of Dave’s Team set up the dispensers. Right now, Tom Casella has the north end, Jenn Grillo Tufano the northeast shoreline, Hilary Lambert south to King Ferry, and Dave is covering the Lansing Waterfront.

We are seeking volunteers to help replenish the i.d. kit supply at sites from Treman Marina north to the Sheldrake area, from now to the end of October. This project takes about one hour per week, with driving.

If you are interested in joining the Hydrilla Helpers Team, contact us at programs@cayugalake.org.