Cayuga Lake Hydrilla Treatment

Cayuga Lake Hydrilla Treatment – Offshore of Stewart Park

There is a recently-discovered patch of hydrilla in shallow waters off Stewart Park; and two plants have been found farther north offshore of the east and west shores, in deeper water. As of mid-July, the Stewart Park plants are beginning to show themselves at the surface. These will be monitored and treated. This summer, the south end Hydrilla Task Force is working with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to control these new south-end hydrilla discoveries. In charge of the USACE treatment team is Michael J. Greer, Regional Technical Specialist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District. Teamwork and communication will be key to the two groups’ interactions. The Hydrilla Task Force will do the mapping and monitoring. The USACE will treat, using chemicals if the Task Force finds it necessary. The Hydrilla Task Force remains responsible to manage hydrilla by hand removal or with barriers such as benthic mats (thick mats that keep out sunlight). Funding for treatment will be provided by the USACE.

US Army Corps will do a “spot treatment” of the hydrilla plants that are presently flourishing in the shallow water off Stewart Park, on the 13th or rain date the 14th.