The trajectory of the Coronavirus Pandemic has yet to fully emerge. Right now, we must focus on practicing maximally safe behavior, to protect ourselves and others. As a result, all of the community springtime events that we and you enjoy have been cancelled.

We have been communicating with other groups about doing small-group trash cleanups. We cannot guarantee the safety of plastic and latex gloves, when dealing with potentially germ-laden trash. There are safety and liability concerns about small groups walking along our roads and going unattended to waterways.

However, we do urge you to get outdoors! Enjoy safe walks and hikes. Take a bag along in case you find trash and litter that you can safely collect and dispose of. As of mid-March, Governor Cuomo announced that all state parks are free admission for the time being. Take advantage! Embrace the lake – and Planet Earth.

Going forward, please check our website, Facebook and Instagram pages, and listserv for updates. Thank you. Stay in touch with us and with one another.