Volunteers – you got time? We’ve got tasks, large and small, one-time and ongoing. Ask us how you can get involved to help protect our lake, creeks, and communities, human and natural.

  • HABs Harrier – Monitor/test/report for Harmful Algal Blooms via summer-fall shoreline monitoring. Training.
  • Hydrilla i.d. kit dispenser setup and maintenance – Install and refill hydrilla information dispensers in public areas around the lake, as part of Dave’s Team, spring to fall.
  • Macrophyte Survey – toss a lake rake once every two weeks and report hydrilla, water chestnut, starry stonewort. With Finger Lakes PRISM. Training.
  • Embrace the Lake cleanups – spring: clean up trash in self-designated area of the watershed. We provide gloves, bags, snacks, site advice. Free.
  • Host a CLWN Membership/Fundraising event at home/cottage – year-round.
  • Join a CLWN committee such as Programs, Community Relations, Issues – year-round.
  • Join the Network News advisory group – help with ideas, research and writing news articles for newsletter, website and Facebook.
  • And more – help with issues and events around Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, invasive species control, trained volunteer water sampling, possible buffer plantings, tabling at public events.

Hilary Lambert steward@cayugalake.org

Jenn Tufano Grillo programs@cayugalake.org