We are working with the NYS Hemlock Initiative at Cornell University to offer an early springtime workshop on surveying for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA) from your boat/watercraft. The best time of year for boat surveys is when hemlocks have their bright, lime green new buds during the late spring and early summer (typically end of May through June). This is the time of year when it becomes quite obvious which hemlocks are not able to put on new growth. HWA is an aphid-like pest that saps the life out of our beautiful and ecologically important hemlock trees, resulting in increased soil and gorge erosion and warmer creek and lake waters. If you are interested in becoming a Cayuga Lake volunteer for this effort, please contact Hilary at steward@cayugalake.org for time and place. The good news is that HWA can be successfully treated and controlled.