2018 HABs Monitoring Program

HABs Harrier Quadrant Leaders

Welcome HABs Harrier Quadrant Leader Steve Knapp!

Stephan (Steve) Knapp is the Quadrant Leader for the Southeast Quadrant of Cayuga Lake.

Aside from living on Cayuga Lake for 20 years, Steve has shown incredible commitment to keeping the lake clean and safe. He has formal environmental science, freshwater ecology and systematics training at both Ithaca College and Cornell University. Steve put his scientific training and extensive knowledge of Cayuga Lake to use by offering fishing guide services and natural history tours from his 23 foot fishing boat for over 30 years. This remarkable service was certified by US Coast Guard.

Steve also has extensive experience with HABs. He participated in early HABs training, provided sampling and served as an organizer and sampler of both Cayuga lake and stream waters in conjunction with Community Science Institute water testing programs.  Even Steve’s son Colden is getting in on the HABs Harrier Action, serving as a monitor for the zone where he lives.

Steve loves to fish on Cayuga Lake, and shares his catch with his neighborhood, just south of King Ferry.

When asked what Cayuga Lake meant to him, Steve responded:

“I live on the lake and rely on it for drinking water. I rent out a cottage on the same property that features a peaceful stay on beautiful and pristine waters.  Most importantly, the lake provides a spiritual anchor for my daily life.”

Welcome to the team, Steve! We are so grateful for your expertise and support!

Welcome HABs Harrier Quadrant Leader Andy Yale!

Andy Yale is the Quadrant Leader for the Southwest Quadrant of Cayuga Lake.

Andy has been enjoying Cayuga Lake since he was a boy. He likes to sail, motor, fish, and swim but his favorite lake activity is drifting in a boat on the lake, observing and taking in the wonderful environment. Aside from lake activities, Andy bikes on the Black Diamond Trail.

Cayuga Lake was an important part of Andy’s childhood and his present; he and his family live “just above her shores.”

When asked what Cayuga Lake meant to him, Andy responded:

“I love the perspective it gives on where we are, placed among the hills.”

Welcome to the team, Andy! We are so thankful to you and your fun-loving spirit!

Welcome HABs Harrier Quadrant Leader Bill Ebert!

Bill Ebert is the Quadrant Leader for the Northwest Quadrant of Cayuga Lake.

Bill Ebert and his wife Jane have been living on the northwest shore of Cayuga Lake for 30 years. His relationship with the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network began five years ago when Bill and two of his granddaughters attended an evening workshop held by CLWN Stewart, Hilary Lambert, on invasive species at Wells College. Bill had brought with him a bucket of unidentified slime, hoping to find someone at the workshop who knew what it was. The slime turned out to be cladophora, a non-toxic green algae commonly found in lakes. A few emails later, Bill was elected to the CLWN’s Board of Directors.  

As a board member, Bill has initiated many water monitoring campaigns. Due to concern about the quality of the water coming out of Canoga Creek, Bill and the CLWN started a water quality monitoring program on Canoga and Burroughs Creeks. This program has been going strong for four years now, gathering and publicizing eye-popping data about the sources of pollution on Cayuga Lake. After the success of this program, Bill is collaborating again with the CLWN and the Finger Lakes Institute to develop a proposal for a pilot restoration project for either Canoga or Burroughs creek with the Citizen Science Institute. Additionally, Bill was enlisted along with his friend, Tom Casella, by the DEC to do the Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP), and monitor water quality at the north end of Cayuga Lake. Last summer, Bill and Tom did weekly monitoring on a stretch of lakefront to create a census of all plant species found there.

It’s easy to notice Bill’s experience in water quality monitoring and passion for Cayuga Lake. He has been an amazing asset to the CLWN organization due to his stick-to-itiveness, his ambition and his readiness to take action.  

Welcome to the team, Bill! Thank you for donating your time, energy and expertise to this program!

Welcome HABs Harrier Quadrant Leader Christy Gunderson VanArnum!

Christy Gunderson VanArnum is the Quadrant Leader for the Northeast Quadrant of Cayuga Lake. She grew up and currently resides right on Cayuga Lake in Aurora. After growing up on the lake and falling in love with the water, Christy went back to college for fisheries and aquaculture and recieved a Masters Degree in Aquatic Science/Aquaculture. Christy has been working in the field of aquatic sciences for 10 years, and is now a teacher in the area. She still spends her summers on the lake.

Christy’s favorite lake activity is swimming! With a life time of experience on the lake, she was able to swim across Cayuga Lake at its widest point to Aurora several years ago.

When asked what Cayuga Lake meant to her, Christy responded:

“Cayuga Lake is my entire family’s favorite place.  It is critical to all who live here.”

Welcome to the team, Christy! We so appreciate your passion and support for the lake!