Videos, Photos & Shows

Enjoy these links to visually powerful, beautiful and informative imagery of our lake, watershed, creeks and neighboring areas. 

Watch for frequent updates & contact us to suggest additions.

Watershed Photo Gallery: 

Check out the beautiful and informative photographs taken by Bill Hecht and Frank Muller, from above and up close! 

David Brown's Video Message on Fracking: 

See David Brown's beautiful and poignant message to Governor Cuomo on hydrofracking. Filmed in our local creeks! 

Take a Walk in the Park: 

Watch Tony Ingraham's public access show as he takes viewers through the scenic landscapes of the Cayuga Lake Watershed. 

The Scenery of Ithaca & the Headwaters of Cayuga Lake: 

You don't want to miss this online version of "The Scenery of Ithaca and the Headwaters of Cayuga Lake," a beautiful book from 1866. This book was reprinted by Paul Glover around 30 years ago, and contains fantastic prints and beautiful descriptions of the waters we know and love. 

Gasland the Movie: 

Learn about hydrofracking in the US with this documentary, or check out the science behind the Gasland film. Go to our Hydrofracturing and Gas Drilling page for more information and links.

The Sky is Pink:

 The sequel to Gasland, Josh Fox delves further into the facts behind well casings, and takes his message to the government.