Lynn Naylor Catches a Large Goby in Cayuga Lake


In August 2013 the Round Goby, a small, invasive fish species, was confirmed to be present in Cayuga Lake by the DEC. While Gobies have been present in the Great Lakes since the early 1990's, this is the first population to be found in Cayuga Lake. 


Gobies are small, typically between 3-6 inches long, though some have been known to be as long as 10 inches.

Gobies can be best identified by their singular pelvic fin.



Gobies are reproduce quickly by spawning multiple times in a season, and are able to survive in poor quality water conditions. This allows the Goby to quickly outcompete and replace other fish species.

The Gobies are not being found in the stomachs of larger fish, which means they are not being eaten, leaving their growth unchecked. 

If you find a Round Goby, the Fishery biologists at the Cornell Biological Field Station at Bridgeport on Oneida Lake have asked that you take pictures of it (get a top and bottom view), bring it home and freeze it for latter examination by the Field Station staff.