RESCHEDULED to a warmer date!!! Please contact if you would like to be notified when we have our next Hemlock Hunts in March and April 2017. Two Network-led hikes to locate and evaluate hemlocks for Hemlock Wooly Adelgid will take place along Cayuga Lake’s eastern shore in March - when the weather warms up. Two more hikes will be scheduled for the northwest shore in March/April 2017.

Our next two hikes will be to Moonshine Creek (King Ferry) and to Great Gully (Union Springs). Wear waterproof boots and jackets, bring walking stick/poles – we will be crossing these creeks. Optional: Bring iPhone or GPS, for mapping trees.

NOTE: These are educational, semi-strenuous hikes with a purpose – these are not complete surveys or mapping projects. We have obtained landowner permission. The NYS Hemlock Initiative has asked the Network to recruit volunteers to help locate hemlock stands around the lake at several locations, and check for infestation. The Initiative will follow up with the appropriate agency or organization.

• NYS Hemlock Initiative, & link to short film:
• The Glorious Trash Birds, Ithaca: