Tales from the Littoral Zone  

The littoral zone is that three dimensional outer, shallower region of a body of water, including the shore, where most of the life activities take place. These writings originate from the “Littoral Zone”.

Mel Russo is a long-time resident, naturalist, past science teacher and present-day realtor, with a deep knowledge about and love of Cayuga and Seneca lakes.  He writes fun, informative, and science-based articles about our lakes. He says:  

  “I started writing about the lakes (“The Senecacayuga Chronicles” and “Tales from the Littoral Zone”) in the early 1990s as part of my business advertising (known in marketing as institutional advertising). This incorporated my original training in natural history, limnology, and Ichthyology and made use of the information that I had accumulated over the years at Brockport, Cornell and other institutions as a graduate student in my years of teaching.


  Completing an article gives an old man a sense of his real accomplishment and self-respect for things that I know that other people don’t (and do). The articles often involve my inherent knowledge but usually require some research and confirmation. (They) characterize my business as having expertise in Finger Lakes real estate. People often call me for ecological and professional information which makes me feel good.”

When asked about our youth’s stake in the future of Cayuga Lake, Mel offered this:   

“Young people will learn to respect the lake more if they use it properly. It should be one of the main goals of CLWN to educate not only the youth but all people on the uniqueness of Cayuga Lake and the importance of maintaining and even improving its high water quality along with its various associated magnificent organisms both sport and non-sport. Risks to the lake proposed by various regional enterprises should be heavily scrutinized by all - young and old.

Infrequent algae blooms, edible fish, easily treatable drinking water, and refreshing swimming water are not easy to come by today and every person in the region must realize that we are exceedingly fortunate to be able to experience this extraordinary resource. We should see that it is kept that way.”



Mel’s business website is http://senecayuga.com/ Senecayuga Properties, LLC. 

Many of his wonderful articles can be found here http://senecayuga.com/the-senecayuga-chronicles/

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All contents copyright © Mel Russo 2016. Editing by Susan Backlund.