Our Internship Program  

The Network benefits from having academic-credit interns from Wells College most semesters. This is definitely a two-way, mutual privilege. We benefit from the youth, energy and creativity of these excellent students, and they learn many basic skills and gain insights about organizational management, publicity, events management and much more during their internship period. The Steward works with these students in an intensive, mentoring and sharing manner and has developed lasting friendships with several of the students, who are usually environmental science and policy majors.

Wells College faculty member Professor Niamh O’Leary has developed a small campus display of the Network News articles written by our interns, and of the posters and CanYou Canoe Cayuga and anti-fracking fundraiser visual materials developed by artist-scientist/Wells College senior Ashley Benning. 

Recent newsletter articles by interns include:  

Brittany Toledo, “I can canoe Cayuga!”   

Dan Munsell, “Stopping the spread of invasive species in the Finger Lakes area”   

Ashley Benning, “Cayuga’s uninvited guests”  

Douglas Brewer, “Lurking sources of pollution”  

Rachel Singley, “A brief geologic history of the Finger Lakes” 


Ashley Benning

Wells College

Environmental Science Major







Brittany Toledo

Wells College

Environmental Science Major







Dan Munsell

Wells College

Environmental Policy Major