Monday, July 16, 2018 at 12:28 PM

From: Andrew Yale, Quadrant Leader

  • toured the west shore a mile and a half south of the yacht club and a mile south of Bolton Point on the east shore → All looked good except extra green.

Monday, July 16, 2018 at 6:41AM

From: David Walter Wolfe, HABs Harrier

  • Sunday was a little worse than last week for HABs around zone 3417, East shore, just South of Lake Ridge Point

  • Striations parallel to shore at surface extended beyond the end of the docks, but more obvious in the shallows near shore and in some places more concentrated than observed last week.

Sunday, July 15, 2018 10:19PM

From: James Michael Gossett, HABs Harrier

  • zone 3418 (South of Lake Ridge Point) surveyed on Saturday around 11:30AM and observed no striations or high surface concentrations.  

  • Harrier reported generally turbid, green water on Sunday

    • Took sample at Lion’s dock Sunday afternoon

    • Sample was so dispersed and dilute to see cyanobacteria.  

  • Harrier observed lake-wide, green turbid water, where turbulence is possibly preventing aggregation into visible bloom events.

Thursday Juy 12,  2018 6:27PM

From: Amelia DD Stevens

  • Observed 6 miles north of Taughannock Park on the west side of the lake

    • bright green, little flecks, and floats in the top 6 inches of the water

    • present 40 or 50 feet from shore as well

    • Was present on July 4th as well, and perhaps other calm days.  

    • It was not present (or noticeable) yesterday when it was quite windy,  with whitecaps on the lake.


7/8/18  11:19 AM

Algal bloom sited around 100 yards north of Glenwood Point on the West shore of Cayuga Lake, and on the East shore across from Glenwood (north of the Bolton Point water system)

  • Approximate coordinates for West shore bloom were 42.497164, -76.539446

  • fairly extensive on both shores

  • Looking down you could see green particles and in places, it appeared as green streaks.

  • Boats and people seen in the water on both shores

  • First bloom we have observed on the Southern end this year.

Dolichospermum sample collected on the East shore using a plankton net and doing a surface skim:

7/4/2018 11:47AM

Discover Cayuga Lake: 

From mid-lake, between Bolton and IYC: Images of co-occurring phytos:

  • possible coleospherum, but I really am not confident- we saw a few of these;

  • another possible cyan (no ID)

  • a lot of filamentous greens, just for the record.  

    • Concern that the heavier looking filament could be a oscillatoria or something similar, but I do not believe so.  

Transect 1 sample - coleospherum


Transect 1 sample - possible Cyano


Transect 1 sample - anabaena

  • quite a bit in our samples

  • mixed into the water column and not blooming, as of 1:00pm on 7/3

  • ciliates attached to them


Transect 1 sample - filamentous mystery

7/4/18 1:21 AM

Bill Ebert: CSLAP Update

  • Performed CSLAP monitoring at site 3 off the mouth of the inlet, and further north, mid-lake between Bolton and the Yacht Club.

    • No blooms observed on the south end of the lake

    • Observed a modest concentration of anabaena (Dolichospermum), which until now has been absent

    • Observed new population of filamentous greens, tentatively ID'ed as coleospherium

7/3/18 8:45PM

Joseph Nielsen-Reagan, Floating Classroom Intern: Weather Update

The surface temperature of the lake was about 18.5 degrees Celsius with a mid-lake thermocline sitting between 12 and 13 meters deep. The temperature changed by 1.1 degrees over this 1 meter expanse and was the greatest such change measured on the day. At the coordinates: latitude 42.47, longitude -76.515, the blue-green algae Anabaena was found. So were the green algae Zygnema and Spirogyra, the diatoms Asterionella, Nitzschia and Fragillaria. In the middle of the lake we found the blue-green Anabaena and the diatom Nitzschia. Within the Marina were the green Zygnema, blue-green Anabaena, Aphanacapsta (or more likely) Coleospheorina, the Cyclopoid copepods and Nauplius, and Bosmina, the rotifers Conochilis, Keratella, Synchaeta, Asplancha and Hexarthra, and the brown Dinobryon.

7/2/18 1:56 PM

Bill Ebert: Weather Update

I expect this wind driven current effect is dramatically in play this year. I took a boat ride on Sat. and found the water temp at 69 degrees here at my dock and 78 on the Union Springs side. The wind has been consistently south for days ahead of this, causing the surface water to go east and upwelling at the west side. I've looked for this for 20 years and have never seen such a temperature delta. I was stunned at how dramatic it was on Saturday.

The water was very clear on the west side and some algae on the east side. Lots of algae on Sunday afternoon mid lake to the east shore. Not surprised to read of Long Point Park closed due to algae. The water temp is up here on the west side late Sunday.

I did look at the Hibiscus Cove water reported Saturday afternoon and found no HAB's but lots of ugly water with some sort of moss like algae floating and macrophytes - sago pondweed, curly leaf pondweed, some eelgrass and chlodophera. Not inviting at all around the dock area. read that Long Point is having problems.

The wind driven current needs to be included in our thinking of the Lake. It's perhaps why more weeds and algae seem to be on the East shore.


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