Cayuga Lake and its creeks are at the heart and center of our lives, and need our celebration and protection. The Cayuga Lake Watershed Network wants to embrace the lake with spring cleanups every Spring! 

Plan ahead: Is your group interested in doing a two-hour lakeshore cleanup, or a creek cleanup on one of the 35 major creeks that drain to Cayuga Lake, or along one of the many hundreds of smaller creeklets and streams that give their waters to Cayuga Lake? We can help with trash bags, gloves, signs, and more! Free of charge.

If you would like to organize a spring cleanup, contact us!

Embrace the Lake 2013 a Success!

 Ashley Benning


Our annual clean-up event, Embrace the Lake, was once again a great success.

Each year, wonderful volunteers from around the lake host clean-up events to remove trash from the lakeshore, from one of the 35 major creeks that drain to Cayuga Lake, or from along one of the many hundreds of smaller creeklets and streams that give their waters to Cayuga Lake.

The Cayuga Lake Watershed Network provides groups with signs, gloves, trash bags, and internet outreach. Every year dozens of bags of trash are removed from the watershed.


Ithaca’s Cayuga Lake Waterfront area and Cayuga Inlet

This year, the Cayuga Waterfront Trail Initiative and the City of Ithaca worked together with a variety of community organizations to pick up litter and tidy up our waterfront parks and trails at eight different locations, including the Ithaca Waterfront Trail and the Fuertes Bird Sanctuary and Lighthouse Woods. The Ithaca Dragon Boat Club and Cayuga Outrigger Canoe Club also held a Cayuga Inlet cleanup for paddlers, and collected trash by boat.


Ithaca’s Neighborhood Pride Grocery and friends: Cascadilla Creek

With the help of CLWN Board member Patricia Haines, the Petito family and Neighborhood Pride grocery store in Ithaca led a group of friends, neighbors, and Cornell students on a cleanup of Cascadilla Creek, enjoying an active role in the community, as well as coffee and snacks!



Ithaca Farmers Market on Earth Day

On Earth Day in Ithaca, visitors of the Earth Day celebration were invited to grab some gloves and trash bags at the Farmers Market Pavilion to do some waterfront cleaning. Young persons were seen dragging loaded bags and weird waterlogged objects toward the recycling containers.


Aurora: Wells College Campus Greens, Aurora Ridge Dairy, Poplar Ridge Meeting

Once again, the active Campus Greens group of Wells College held a campus cleanup, removing trash from campus and the shoreline before it could enter the lake. The waterfront of Aurora was covered by the Poplar Ridge Meeting group, and the Aurora Ridge Dairy held its own cleanup of the gully on Black Rock Rd in April, helping to keep the farm and watershed clean!


 The Poplar Ridge meeting group had a beautiful day for it! Organizer Eric Devin reports: “Couldn't ask for a nicer day. We had 8 people and Hannah the dog picking up stuff today. We got 3 tires, about 8 bags of garbage and assorted other junk. I'm happy to report that each year we've been picking up the area, there is definitely less and less trash to be picked.”


Thank you to participants, the Stroks family and American Rivers

Thank you to everyone who participated this year, we hope you had lots of fun at your cleanup! Your work helps to keep the watershed clean, happy, and healthy. A big thank you also to American Rivers for providing trash bags, and to Mike Strok and the Strok family for their long-time support of the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network and for the gloves they send each year for cleanups! Thank you!

 Mike Strok, Shamrock Manufacturing Co., Inc.

If you have any pictures from your cleanup that you would like to share, send them to Ashley at, or message them to us on Facebook. We would love to hear your stories!