I'm Lambert the Canada Goose, and this is CLWN for Kids, a special side of the site just for you! I'm here to tell you all I know about the Cayuga Lake watershed, and even show you where to find some great activities, puzzles, and coloring pages! Choose any topic to get started.



Watershed Wildlife

What lives in our watershed? Come find out!

What is a Watershed?

What is a watershed anyway?

What's Happening in the Cayuga Lake Watershed

Learn about Hydrilla, Fracking and Climate Change.

Lambert's Tips for Clean Water

Clean water is very important. Animals (like me!) and plants need clean water to be happy and healthy, and so do you! Find out how you can help keep water clean.

Coloring Pages and Activities

Find printable coloring pages and activities here!

Ask Lambert

Do you have a question for Lambert?