Members receive a subscription to our quarterly Network News, info about events, issues, community conferences, and actions to help protect our lake and creeks. We offer two free community conferences each year, and work with other groups and agencies to solve lake and creek challenges. Get involved! 

If you have specific concerns about lake or creek water quality, the Network can help you get your questions answered and get your voice heard.

Members are encouraged to participate on one of our committees, especially our Issues, Finances, and Community Development committees. We are also seeking qualified people to join our Board of Directors.

The lake's 860 square mile watershed extends into six counties and contains 45 municipalities, and the region answers to many different economic development pressures. Your membership helps us unify and focus concern on the lake, as we head into a tumultuous phase of economic, social and climate change. Our motto: "It takes a Network to protect a watershed" - please join us.

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