Issues in the Cayuga Lake Watershed

Bell Station, Indian Creek, Hydrilla, AES/Cayuga, Climate Change, Cornell's Lake Modeling and Lake Source Cooling permit, Lead in water, Round Goby, Lake Levels

Conference Presentations

On this page you will find past north and south end conference presentations. Enjoy!

CLWN for Kids

What is a watershed anyway? Find out with Lambert, the Canada Goose as he explores the Cayuga Lake Watershed and everything in it! Plus find some great links to games, coloring pages, and more!  


Here is some information for fishing, boating, camping, and hiking in the Cayuga Lake Watershed. NOTE: We are NOT a sales or rental business.  

Smart Steps for Clean Water

Check out some simple steps you can take to keep our waters clean!

Videos, Photos & Shows

A changing collection of water-focused videos and photographs from local artists, scientists, explorers and other creative people.

The Watershed Photo Gallery

Photos of our lake and creeks: Up close & overhead! Presently featuring Bill Hecht, Frank Muller, David Brown, and the students at Wells College